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Catalyst Farms specializes in breeding dry fly and classic Old English style hackle chickens. We have been fly fishing and tying flies for over 26 years, and have raised chickens for feathers for most of that time. At this time all of our dry fly stock is from the CR line of birds bred by Stan Carlsberg for over 20 years. These birds produce long, thin feathers that are easy to wrap and rival any genetic hackle in the world!

We also breed black-red, white and silver Old English gamefowl that produce some of the finest standard wet fly hackle available. The capes and saddles are well suited for collar and palmering applications for a wide range of wet flies, streamers and salt water flies from approximately size 2-10.

Our operation is small raising only about 200 birds a year. We process our hackle when the feathers are ready, then sell it within days of finishing the drying process. However, if you are looking for something feel free to contact us and we will let you know if anything is going to be available. We process roosters, hens, as well as young birds (for ultra-small feathers) as we get request for them. We strive to produce one of the best values in fly tying hackle.

We do not sell live birds.