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Tallow Hill, is a natural farm practicing organic farming methods, in the Massachusetts northern central region. Located in the foot hills of the Monadnock Region bordering New Hampshire and Vermont borders. Our farm is located on a quiet dirt road in Winchendon Ma.

We’ve been seriously Breeding Genetic Hackle for almost 10 years.

The vision for this farm is simple: our goal is to breed a Multi-Purpose Genetic Hackle Chicken. My birds are raised for eggs, meat and hackle.

Our birds are large fowl, the roosters can weight over 10-lbs. Typically genetic hackle birds are bantam size birds. Bantam type birds originally were selected for several reasons, small hackle size, smaller space requirements and cost less to feed.

At Tallow Hill Farm's our birds primary function is food. We select our birds for eggs, meat and hackle production.

The Genetic Hackle Americana Chicken Project was started to meet the market demands of small flock backyard chicken raising. First time venturers of Genetic Hackle Farming at this moment have no access to Multi-Purpose Genetic Hackle Chickens until now.

As a fly tier of almost 50 years and breeder, Tallow Hill Farm is meeting a market demand for the most asked question on the internet by potential backyard hackle growers is can you eat the roosters. Typically almost all roosters raised primarily for hackle cannot be eaten, the meat is so tough you would have a hard time piecing the meat with a fork.

At Tallow Hill, our roosters eat just fine, although not as tender as store bought commercial chicken. Recently I fried up a batch of rooster meat and asked my boys how was the chicken. With mouths full they both gave me a two thumbs up for how good the meat was to eat, what else could you ask for.

Tallow Hill Farm's base chicken is the Americana, crossed into Barred Rock (Grizzly) and Rhode Island Reds. How much more American can you get. A multi-utility bird that will give any homestead backyard chicken raiser wonderfully colored eggs, reminding you of easter eggs, meat that can be eaten and feathered pelts any fly tier would be proud to own.

Our birds have been bred to have thin quills for ease of wrapping on hooks, in most cases your standard barnyard chicken do not have these thin flexible quills. Although not as refined as pure genetic hackle the feathers will meet the needs of all but those whose specific requirements exceed what this bird will produce.

They are great layers of medium/large blue,green,pink and brown colored eggs and they make a superb backyard breed. This breed forages well, is calm and pretty hardy in the winter time. They will sometimes go broody and are good setters, and they bear confinement well.

An adaptable bird to almost any environment. They have cheerful personalities and are a great choice for your backyard or homestead barnyard chicken collection.

Tallow Hill Farm Americana Genetic Hackle Chickens are perfect for anyone starting a homestead backyard multi-purpose genetic hackle flock.

Please contact us to learn more

Eggs and Birds not available at this time, but welcome any questions.

This is my foundation rooster for all future generations of my flock

Easter colored eggs from Americana Chickens

Hens come in all kinds of colors.

Full Rooster Pelts, Roosters come in all kinds of colors